PRYPIAT ET L'AXOLOTL est un projet monstrueux qui combine installation, danse butoh, paysages sonores et ambiances luminiques perturbantes. Le public sera invité à participer à une cérémonie ancestrale dans un laboratoire.

La performance prend place dans un cube autour duquel les spectateurs sont invités à circuler.

À l'intérieur du cube, des formes étranges prennent naissance. Attrayantes et repoussantes à la fois.


Drawing on folklore, popular culture and the invisible, this project aims at giving birth to a wild ancestral creature in the heart of a laboratory. A monster revealing the wonderful diversity nature is able to produce, a fabulous being, an ancestral deity that prepares its opera prima, its return.

A free non-conventional being, full of arms, full of sexes, eager to express all kind of wild instincts, no moral. A creature dancing with death and flesh, taking us back to the very first moments of humanity, when abnormal an normal were part of the same, when the first humans lived with the first gods. It is the Caliban escaped from the tempest, the Basajaun issued from the the ruins of a radioactive temple, it is Cali dancing her most depraved, her most voracious instincts, the old civilisations coming out of the forests and preparing the return amongst us to stay.

Humans, the observers, the homo normalis, trying to flee desperately their own body fossilised 40000 years ago through all type of technological devices, we do ask ourselves who the hell is this queer being on the other side of the glass...?

And when we look closer, head against the glass of the incubator, deep into the creature's eyes....we scream terrified, we do recognise, we do already know...

we are the monster

we are the monster

we are the monster

and then we celebrate it...

Long live to hibridity of body and mind! Let's wake the monster back!

Although not officially performed yet, PRYPIAT AND THE AXOLOTL emerged during a residency we did on January 2019 in Usine Kugler, Geneva (CH).

This residency was aimed at setting the basis of a performance we had been working on  the last two years, MONTA TANTO. 

MONTA TANTO (now touring) took a completely different direction afterwards and we decided to incorporate the research carried out during the residency into a new project.

During our stay at Kugler, we researched on what hibridity might mean, how many ways has a body to escape itself and what happens when we have no choice but to fall into our flesh.

Please click below to have an overview of the research.
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